About the Harperstead

Hello and welcome! I’m , Merryrose , chief cook and bottle washer, duck wrangler and gardener at the Harperstead. I’m a wife and mother of a toddler, and a homesteader in the country wannabe . For now, we are in town, but we are making the best of things. Doesn’t Joel Salatin say, “what are you doing NOW??” So this is what we are doing NOW . So we’ll be ready if we ever, you know , make it to the country.

Fun facts…. Before I got married I was a celtic harpist and did gigs in senior living dining rooms and the like . Then I got married to my husband Chris with the last name of Harper . How cool is that? Of course ,since that time, I’ve had like.. zero time to play but I think I’m still considered a harpist…with the name of Harper . I also played and taught bluegrass banjo. My toddler, for some reason, is not a fan and makes me put it away whenever I try to pull it out.

This blog is a window into my world – a place where I share my experiences, triumphs, and challenges as I navigate the rewarding path of life on the Harperstead.

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We invite you to explore our Freebie Library, a treasure trove of resources designed to enrich your homesteading adventure. This exclusive collection, available at no cost, is packed with informative guides, how-to manuals, recipe collections, and much more, all crafted to support and inspire your homesteading journey.

From starting a vegetable garden and raising chickens to preserving food and crafting homemade goods, each post is a chapter of my ongoing adventure. But this blog isn’t just about what I do; it’s about what we can learn together. It’s a space for sharing knowledge, inspiring each other, and building a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

So, whether you’re an experienced homesteader, an aspiring green thumb, or simply curious about this way of life, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let’s learn, grow, and thrive together in our pursuit of a more grounded and gratifying existence.

Welcome to my homesteading journey – where every day is an opportunity to cultivate happiness from the ground up.

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This book serves as a comprehensive roadmap, taking readers through the crucial stages of establishing their own homestead. Beginning with the fundamentals of selecting the right land, the book delves into the essentials of sustainable living, from growing organic produce to raising livestock and implementing renewable energy sources.

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